Shift Theory Ratios Indicator Users Manual for MultiCharts

This is the users manual for MultiCharts and Shift Theory Ratios.

How to Find Your User ID

MultiCharts User ID Location

Importing Indicators and Studies

MultiCharts Power Editor Import Files

Setting Up Chart Studies

MC Chart Insert Study Click

Setting Up Scanner Window Watchlist

MultiCharts Watchlist Insert Study Menu

Automated Trading with the Power Editor

MultiCharts Strategy Function

Trouble Shooting and Known Issues

The indicator has a false reading between bars during the time it takes to recalculate the start of a new bar. It is usually a high reading for a fraction of a second. This cannot be fixed and is caused by the time lag it takes your computer to recalculate when starting a new bar.

If you are not connected to the internet then the indicator will not work. This is caused by the software protection put in place by MultiCharts. If for some reason the indicator does not work then check you connection and restart your platform for it to register. It registers on the start of the platform.